Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wheel of Wonder April 6, 2014

The wheel turns and we've left the darkness for Spring's new light.  In the public rituals of this part of the world we'd be in the time of the east, sunrise, and new beginnings.  Many of us have recovered from the cold a dark time of the year and feel life surging through the ground, the leaflord smiling in the trees, trees that seemed bare only three or four weeks ago.  The joy of birdsong, and the cleaning out of old things, old baggage, and the creation of our own garden of Gwynedd, or our sanctuary in this world.
Many find the spring to be a time of inspiration, undertaking new work that serves our true purpose of cooperation and collaboration, a natural state that comes with being an authentic Human.  The wheels of Wheel of Wonder have been turning for five full cycles now and it has brought me into a greater level of connection virtually and experientially with so many people, whether they be artists, academics, musicians, priests, ministers, progressive thinkers, or no particular theology spiritualists.
Again, in this part of the world . when the corners are called in public ritual, east is the direction that corresponds to the Element of Air.  Air corresponding to song, oratory, and voices carried across the wind.  Even the throat chakra if you like to see things that way. The throat chakra for finding your voice.
One of the great things that have come out of being able to broadcast Wheel of Wonder across the radio waves at KAOS 89.3 FM in America, or on line, all over the world, is it has offered up a medium to break down misunderstandings of what non Judeo Christian Spirituality is, it has also given me a forum to share the occasional great news happening in the world about Environmental Sustainability, and the many different spiritual paths people take to achieve their highest purpose.  On occasion, I've even been able to share new findings in modern Science, that once again change, or challenge our concepts of a static, well known, concept of reality.  Reality is just as dynamic and mutable as the people living in it.  This is all because the broadcast medium I use for Wheel of Wonder is at its heart, a Community-owned, yes that's public, non-commercial, radio station, which is only surviving because of people starting or renewing memberships.  To start or renew a membership does include a donation of money, there are many levels at which to do that (go to for details).  The public still owns this radio station it can bring you independent media information, hundreds of different types of music(80% independent, small label artists only 20% big commercial labels; required policy)as well as the shows New Dimensions, Time of Useful Consciousness, Philosophy Talk, Democracy Now, and of course, Wheel of Wonder.  Next week (April 7 -13) is KAOS' membership drive, please help keep this gem of independent thinking going with a donation and membership, there are very few sanctuaries of free thinking like this left in this world. It is , in a way, its own unique garden of Gwynedd.

------(Radio) Ray
the graphic above, as you may recall is called " Aquarian Awakening" there is an idea, among ascensionists, that, in the course of Human life in the Universe, we are leaving our age of Pisces, and finally approaching the Age of Aquarius (a time of transformation and oneness, yet where our independent, personal identities of  mind,body, spirit can continue to exist as well).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wheel of Wonder March 2, 2014

It has been an interesting observation for me to see how people following a "Witch's path" in their spiritual lives are very attached to the phases of the moon along the wheel of the year, and people following a "Druid's path" focus on stages of the sun.  Sometimes these are the same people; I've met Wiccan Druids, and Druidic Wiccans, one does not necessarily exclude the other.  Some people are just witches (not following the Wiccan disciplines) and some people are just Shamans (Celtic, yes, but not following Druidic stages of learning).  Its not my intention to simplify either the Druid path or the path of Wicca, nor that of Shamans, Witches, Magicians, or any other, even within these broad headings their are many differences in practice, some believe in soul ascension, some have different focuses within them.

 I've met people on moon based paths calling the Spring equinox Ostara (after a germanic Goddess), and people on sun based paths calling it Alban Eiler (welsh for light of the earth).  I've been to Sun ceremonies (eight stages of the sun) and moon ceremonies (13 stages of the moon). There are many rituals reflecting  Earth's relationship to celestial bodies.  Alban Eiler and his Sister Ostara, as one would expect from the Spring Equinox ("equinox" meaning "equal parts") is also about balance, balance between the darker side of our nature, death before rebirth when we need to get moving on, and the lighter side of our nature, when perhaps we need allies for new projects.  So I have been thinking about balancing Sun energy and Moon energy along this quest for knowledge.  I found a bit of prose "A letter to a Witch from a Druid" and that has helped me work through this idea, here's part of it:

Though I see you before me as a reflection in a mirror
You who follow the Moon, as I continue along my path of the Sun
We are a shared existence

As my spirit flies on the wings of the white raven
May I meet you on the snow white wings of the owl
In that place between the day and the dark
and in sharing that sacred space within the spirit realm
Let us now bring the sun and the moon back into balance
seeing that one reflects the other and the other reflects the one
let us awaken our sleeping souls to their spiritual birth right
bringing blessings of peace to the earth and all life.

This week I'll be reflecting on these words, punctuated by all the great independent music you expect from Wheel of Wonder.  It is good to have something to think about.

As I'm sure you've noticed the art above was created by artist and writer Selina Fenech.  Visit her site here.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wheel of Wonder February 16, 2014

Today wheel of Wonder is being hosted by the KAOS world music director David.  I'm off on the road again, I hope to be bringing you updated information about the Finnish neo-pagan movement and how it resurfaces in Finland, Kirilia (Land of the Kalevala)and even Moldavia.
As most people realize nearly every Christian holiday can trace its roots back to a fine pagan festival.  For Valentine's Day, we can trace the festivities to the Roman Lupercalia.  Happening during "The Wolf Month" as we spoke of February being last week (Luper from the word Loup, or wolf).  Lupercalia is a fertility festival (not the same as the chocolate-sweet, romantic festival Valentine's has become.) Which included a playful scourging of the local women on the course of a procession by men in loincloths.   Sounds pretty festive wot? All of it was done in fun and to assure the fertility of the next years crops.  Neo-pagans these days are not likely to do a lot of scourging, but Lupercalia festivals still exist in modern forms.
On the lines of fun and fertility (in this case, of nature), David agreed to cover god news around environmental justice issues, along with all our usual, great music. Please post comments about his show, thanks for checking out Wheel of Wonder!

The picture above represent romulus and remus and their mother, the she-wolf.  Romulus and Remus were of course, the twins who founded Rome.  Lupercalia is intended to celebrate them and their Mother as well.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wheel of Wonder February 9, 2014

Having made it through the dark time of the year and come out the other side of Imbolc, we look forward to the turning of the wheel into longer days, and in the Northwest of North America, still very cold nights.  Today as I write , I look out the window at a quiet world, beneath a blanket of new white snow.  February is sometimes called the Wolf month, or the dead month, and this year it has lived up to its name, the wind bites, and a deathly cold creeps through the land.  On those sunny days though, I enjoy the blooming of the heather, and the alder trees sharing the first hint of buds.  The Cailleach of the snows stubbornly holds on to the land , but the breath of Bridgit (Lady of Imbolc) still breathes the sweet scent of the coming spring through the trees and the gardens.
 "Imbolc" by Hamish Burgess: from the blog

 I've been to many public rituals at the turning of the seasons;  Wiccan, Druidic, Medicine Wheel, just to name a few.  One thing I've noticed, especially about the Celtic based ones, many officiates will try to include the participants in "calling the Quarters"  or asking who would like to evoke the spirits of the four directions to create the sacred space, or complete the spirit circle for the ritual.  Many times the participants get nervous and can't think of what to say, or what element is attributed to each direction.  In the northern hemisphere most groups agree its East: Air, South: Fire, West:  Water, and North: Earth, and most groups will also call the Center:  Place of God and Goddess, or Place of Spirit.  This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the meanings, permutations, and symbolism of these Elements and Directions, so if one should ever like to join a public ritual, create their own sacred circle (sacred hoop), observe a change of the seasons, its change of energy, or any other special observance it will be more clear what calling the quarters is all about.  This week on Wheel of Wonder.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wheel of Wonder January 5, 2014

The Sun is returning (as we knew it would), and hopefully everyone has determined their intentions so they can be brought forth into the light, or realized, as the brighter warmer days of the year begin showing signs of arrival.  This year's New years day (January 1, on the Roman Calendar) was also a new moon, a traditional time for people on some spiritual paths (Wiccan among them) to make a wish, or, yes, set an intention that , with some effort, will achieve fruition by the time of the full moon of January (the night of the 16th).  According to some interpretations of the Druid's Tree Calendar it is the Birch Moon: Birch of beginnings, release, renewal, change (as per some of Birch's Ogham associations).  How perfect a New Year's Esbat is that?  This week on Wheel of Wonder I'll bring you music of healing and renewal to start the "New Year", even though for some of us, the new year started just after Samhain, but intentions of healing and renewal are always good!  May your spirit find strength within the coming Year!

The picture above is from a free Iphones wallpaper website.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wheel of Wonder December 15, 2013

For those of us who live in Cascadia, December's Dark, Damp, Days can cause a Seasonal Affect Disorder (a state a bit like depression).  This isn't unique to Cascadia though, Countries and Cultures the world over have sought help through community to observe, honor and celebrate the return of the sun, the spring, and summer to survive and be happy through the cold days of Winter.  Some say it is the Crone of the snows (the Caillieach) who brings the ice and cold, sad and grim as a Crone she is.  For others the winter is a time when Gods of chaos, or evil have slain, or nearly slain Gods of the Sun and hope.  The winter then becomes a time of healing and recovery, to return from apparent death as the plants and the light in the sky must do.  Many feel a new hopeful energy in the brightening of the days.  Its a time to stand together and seek friendship and comfort.  I won't be on the air for the actual Solstice this year, I believe Loi Consuela, will be sitting in for me, for Yule. I'll return before the end of  December. This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll have a guest; musician, philosopher, and healer: Denean.  A beautiful soul who brings her vision of  heart based living  to everyone through the sound of her music.  A conversation we can share with you, as Cathartic, I hope, as experiencing the return of the sun, and the optimism of spring.  This week on Wheel of Wonder!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wheel of Wonder November 24, 2013

There is the idea of the Bardic Journey.  Bards in the Celtic/Druidic sense are the keepers and at the same time, seekers of wisdom.  this wisdom is believed to come from the spirit of inspiration, sometimes called the Awen, and in many cases is believed to involve Shamanic journeying.  A conscious choice to meditate, or  "fly on the wings of spirit" into what many indigenous beliefs would call The Dreaming.  The Dreaming is a place of symbolic language, Universal and Mythic Archetypes, or perhaps, from the ascensionist or new age perspective, a different reality made up of different frequencies, or vibrations of thought and light.  Music is also made up of vibrations in space created by voice or instruments, and carried across the wind, or through the air and into our range of hearing.  Its quite a tradition for Medicine Men, Shamans, Bards and Musicians to be the people among us who can perceive the energies of the universe as a song or perhaps a harmonic tone (or tones ) flowing through everything.  they are the ones who are believed to be able to hear the song of the plants invoking them to heal, or they are the ones who can ride the waves of music into other realities for wisdom and guidance (shamanic journeys), or perceive the song of the land and couple it with the stories, legends and recurring cultural themes of its people into the forms of poetry or song.
Inspired by some of the work of Shakti Gawain, and Yvonne Owens (especially the book: Journey of the Bard) I've been exploring that these past few weeks on Wheel of Wonder, through music and most recently the story of the Journey of Ayve (A bard character of my own devising) into the realms of kay-gant (Ceugant, in its welsh spelling) or the land of the stars and spiritual ascension, the upper branches of the great tree of life.  This week we'll continue that journey.  Doing my part to inspire expansive thinking, and introduce amazing ideas, this week on Wheel of Wonder.

The picture above is called Stonhenge at night and I found it on an interesting blog